Welcome to BIBA Publishing, a provider of news and education in the medical field. We pride ourselves on being a unique publishing house with a broad range of areas and topics covered and a focus on top-quality content.

With all six titles, BIBA Publishing offers a one-stop-shop for breaking news, reports of the most interesting scientific papers, conference coverage, original stories, as well as physician-authored commentaries.

All publications are available in print, website, mobile and app

Each publication produces from four to five print issues a year, totalling a quarterly circulation of over 66,000 newspapers. Our responsive websites are updated daily and cater to the modern user; similarly, our news apps offer easy access to all of our content at your fingertips 24/7.

Educational supplements and advertorials

BIBA Publishing offers our industry partners the opportunity to create educational content targeted at our physician readers. This can be in the form of educational supplements, advertorials, video interviews or webinars. These editorial pieces allow companies to translate their message in a tailored and innovative way – with an emphasis on education and learning.

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